Irrigation Guarantees the Grass Is Always Greener on Your Side

Rainfall isn’t always enough to maintain a beautiful green yard. But you’ll own the lushest lawn on the block—and make all your neighbors green with envy—when you add landscape and drip irrigation systems from Milwaukee Lawn Sprinkler. Our proven methods are behind some of the most beautiful scenery in Milwaukee neighborhoods. Upgrade your landscape today—our experts are ready to make your yard our next project.

Reasons to Install Drip and Landscape Irrigation Systems

Landscape irrigation involves the installation of underground lines, valves and sprinkler heads that provide the consistent, even watering and nutrition your lawn, garden and other natural features need to flourish. Similarly, drip irrigation supplies steady, automatic watering to small and covered spaces that don’t always get enough moisture, such as:

  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Potted Plants
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Container Gardens
  • Vegetable Gardens

  • Rooftop Gardens

  • Window Box Planters

Have our experts explain the added benefits—then recommend an irrigation system to ensure your landscape looks lush no matter the weather.

How Does Drip Irrigation Work?

Drip irrigation supplies water to your plants, drop by drop. This reduces evaporation and runoff—and overwatering—so your plants only get the water they need. By watering directly to the base of the plant, you encourage its growth and prevent any surrounding weeds from budding. And because drip irrigation doesn’t spray water into the air, it keeps moisture in the small spaces where you need it most.

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Our Professionals Will:

clipboard-iconSurvey your landscape plan and property to determine irrigation zones and other specifications.

lightbulb-iconDesign a custom irrigation system unique to your landscape.

wrench-iconCarefully install the system in a timely manner, preserving the original condition of your landscape.